"Nuit Gojo Zaka 2011 VILLA KUJOYAMA×HINAYA KYOTO" live music event on Dec 10th at Hinaya Kyoto Kiyomizu Gojozaka flagship store

Hinaya inc.(President : Naoto Izukura, Nishijin, Kyoto), an innovative obi and women's clothing and accessory brand "AKIHIKO IZUKURA" hosts the collaborative event "Nuit Gojo Zaka 2011 VILLA KUJOYAMA×HINAYA KYOTO" at its flagship store "HINAYA KYOTO KIYOMIZU GOJOZAKA" on December 10th.
VILLA KUJOYAMA(Director : Philippe Janvier-Kamiyama, Yamashina, Kyoto) is an artist-in-residence style facility operated by Institut Français through Institute Franco-Japonais du Kansai. It opened in 1992, and since then, it has facilitated many active and well-known artists and researchers in France as residents for 4 to 12 months in Kyoto. Hinaya inc. has been one of supporters for projects using textiles, and wishes to utilize its HINAYA KYOTO Kiyomizu Gojozaka flagship store as "a unique space to promote Kyoto's creativity" and approached for Villa Kujoyama's support to hold this special music event.
In the evening of this fantastic event, one of the artists-in-residence, French musician, Mr. Bertrand Gauguet and Japanese Musician Mr. Takamitsu Fujita will perform. Hinaya staff and other residents will wear kimonos and offer a party with drinks and appetizers.

Hinaya inc. aims to contribute for sustaining and promoting Japanese culture and arts with the global standard from Kyoto.

111117.jpgFrench musician, Bertrand Gauguet will perform at the party.

date : 12/10(Sat.)17 : 00~21 : 00
place : HINAYA KYOTO Kiyomizu Gojozaka flagship store
admission : 1500 yen with one drink per person
*guests wearing kimono will get special discounted admission at 500 yen!

Program  *The program may be changed without notice.
17 : 00- Door opens.
17 : 30- Electronic live performance by Mr. Bertrand Gauguet
19 : 00- Acoustic live performance by Mr. Takamitsu Fujita
            Mr. Shusaku Kaji(JIKAN Design)participates as a visual artist.
             「mitasu+」Photo session.

Bertrand Gauguet
French musician / saxophone player. From the 2000's until now, he has been active in the field of experimental music and improvised music scene as a saxophonist in Europe., and offered works for electronic dance and  radio programs and video, and films. Also involved in educational planning and art events, appeared in "NUIT BLANCHE KYOTO 2011" at Kyoto International Comic Museum Day, October 01, 2011.

Takamitsu Fujita
Osaka-born musician. He decided to be a singer as soon as he began to learn piano at a very young age. His first live performance was at the age of 16, and he was so fascinated with the appeal of live performance, since then, he has been active in various music fields includes Soul, Blues, Funk, Gospel and Jazz. Now he live-performs both in Osaka and Tokyo, and is creating his very unique sound world, and released a mini album "Soranone", "present", jugar (Takamitsu now) and "SINGLE. Also his works are available through i-tunes, VIBIRTH and USTREAM.

Shusaku Kaji
Representative at the visual design studio "JIKAN Design"
His original and abstract motion graphics works have been screened at many international film festivals like DOTMOV, NOVA (Brazil) and European Media Art Festival (Germany).

HINAYA's first flagship store is conveniently located very close to Kiyomizu temple, Ken'nin temple, Yasaka shrine and more of the Kyoto's must-see attractions. On the 1st floor, we offer a gallery style boutique with showcasing archives to tell HINAYA's past, and our current line-ups to show HINAYA's now, then art pieces from latest projects to tell HINAYA's future.
The 2nd floor of the flagship store is named "HINAYA FABRICS", and we exclusively showcase our signature obis, textile swatches and accessories for sale here. With an atelier-like atmosphere and much hospitality, fun activities and workshops will be offered weekly. We are certain that many craft and textile lovers all over the world gather here looking for something special and so unique.

Address:4-452, 1st / 2nd fl, Gojo-bashi Higashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0846 Japan
Business hours : 10:00~19:00 CLOSED on New Year's Day
Phone / Fax : 81-75-551-3558
Access : http://www.hinaya-kyoto.com/stores/

press contact:
Hinaya inc.: Kou Hatayama, Kazu Morita
E-mail : press@hinaya-kyoto.co.jp
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/hinaya.kyoto

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